Southampton v FFC  FEB 27 2019


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We beat them at home can we make it our first double?

billp TOOFIF Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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Our pre-match ramblings…

In one hundred and fifteen years of meetings with Southampton, we have only actually played the Saints 73 times,. We've drawn twenty four and lost twenty one, Southampon have 27 victories to their credit. we did, in fact, win at home last November so that's alright then!

Onwards and upwards.

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More huffing and puffing and a bit of possession but another example of the state of things at Fu;ham. Poor old Claudio has tried and some of the players have too.

Sadly the sum total of it all is that the defence is not good enough, the midfield goes awol, not enough chances are created and when they are, we are too incositent up front.

In all, it's been a more than salutory lesson in how not to run a football club, in the days since Fayed flogged us off, we've had an interesting and exciting season under amanager who encouraged a lovely style ofplay albeit with a soft centre, culminating with a thrilling late run to enter the Play-Off skirmish.

That we were defeated by a team playing the exact oposite of our games and narrowly lost to a Reading team that played like an away team at home and away. It worked though. The flollowing season followed a similar path except that an astonishing 23 game unbeaten run stalled before we could pip Cardiff for second spot. The rest is history and we were still floating with our dreams when the season kicked off.

Then the bubble burst on the first day and things have just gone downhill from there.

We understood why the club sacrificed Slav, I don't know of many who were happy with that and personally I think Slav viryually orchestrated that move as some sort of stand-off over the way the club was being run. He had a history of that since he joined and perhaps he thought he'd get his way in the same fashion he saw off Cline, the Boss's son's favourite stat-guy. Maybe Slav would have done well to observe that revenge is best served cold, that time came sure enough.

The worrying thing from a fans' perspective is that the same people are pulling the strings and frankly no manager at this club will have the final say on football matters while that lasts.

Despite tht, we have to look upwards and until it's mathematically impossible we have to believ that amiracle can happen, if it does, I'll kiss Tony Khan in public!

Fulham's record since our first game in 1903

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Southampton v FFC

St Mary's Stadium

Wednesday Februqary 27 2019 19:45

Southampton 0 Fulham 0 (HT 0-0)

billp TOOFIF Updated Friday, 1 March 2019

A fitting END to Claudio's Fulham tenure!,

Perfect symmetry or unfortunate co-incidence, the start looked so hopeful with the reverse fixture