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Just before the TOOFIF Book was officially launched at the FST hosted event in November, Editor David Lloyd was interviewed on Radio 5 Live. Apologies for the delay but we now have a copy on the Home Page. Click the Play Button below to have a listen:


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The Little Windsor

13 Greyhound Road Sutton Surrey SM1 4BY

Tel: 020 8643 2574

A proper local pub, in Sutton, football friendly and which shows all Fulham games as well as many of the other Premier League games, European fixtures and  International matches.

It's a Fullers House but also offers guest beers, and boasts a superb wine and spirit list in addition to great cocktails.

Hot food, sandwiches  and snacks are available throughout the day. Our Chefs can create an unbeatable range of affordable, superb dishes at lunch times and evenings.

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To see the scheduled matches for October, click this link to visit the TOOFIF Outlets Page where they are listed in the Little Windsor piece.

Little Windsor google link

This side bar contains links to Individual Match Reviews, at present the upcoming match will contain a small pre-amble and will also show Fulham's history of results against that opposition.

The section contains a link to every League and Cup fixture. I have added buttons for links to every game as scheduled, up to our last of the season, the away fixture at Newcastle's St James's Park on May 12 2019.

At present, the buttons for all games up to our home fixture against Huddersfield Town on December 29. Those matches that are still to be added as pages reside below the magenta button.

Please note the Grey links are inactive, (Light Brown for cup games), once the pre-amble and stats have been created and added to the non-active pages, the button colour will change to Green for League fixtures and Brown for Cup games, the page can then be accessed. Once the game has been played, a review will be added, usually within 48 hours or so and the colours changed to Dark Green for League games and Dark Brown for Cup games.

Get your FFC Stats fix here

Little Windsor

This popular pub in Sutton is one of our TOOFIF Outlets and the Governor is a Fulham fan, where regulations permit they show Fulham games on the telly, this link is the Fullers page for the pub

The Hammy End

The name speaks for it really!

The Fulham Independent

The Independent Fulham Forum, they’ve been around for a while now.

News Now

A one-stop site for up to date Fulham news trawled from all over the web


This stats site, has access to every imaginable record of football stats in Europe


Coulio's brilliant T-shirt site


Visit the Fulhamish Blogsite for news and views, download the app for your Tablet or ‘phone and listen

Friends of Fulham

It's quite obvious what this site is for!

Who ate all the pics

This site has some excellent historical photos of Craven cottage and other stadiums, or should that be stadia/stadii?

Fulham Web

A fan’s site that’s been around for 20 years now

An early TOOFIF site

I was surprised when this popped up in a Google search for some 'Minder' material, it was before David had managed to secure the TOOFIF URL names from the Rivals people that had set up the Football Message Boards back then. It makes interesting reading regarding what was happening at the time, Lukaku a transfer target!. It really shouldn't be there as I stopped hosting that years back/



It's too late! It's too little, it's too late!

billp TOOFIF Site updated Monday, 18 March 2019


FFC v Crystal Palace
Tottenham Hotspur v FFC
FFC v Burnley
Brighton and Hove Albion v FFC
Manchester City v FFC
FFC v Watford
FFC v Exeter City Carabao Cup
FFC v Arsenal
Cardiff City v FFC
FFC v AFC Bournemouth
Chelsea v FFC
FFC v Leicester City
Manchester United v FFC
FFC v West Ham United
Newcastle United v FFC
FFC v Wolverhampton Wanderers
FFC v Huddersfield Town
Burnley v FFC
The Wembley Play off Final
against Aston Villa
FFC v Tottenham Hotspur
FFC v Manchester City
Watford v FFC
FFC v Everton
AFC Bournemouth v FFC
FFC v Cardiff City
Wolverhampton Wanderers v FFC
FFC v Newcastle United

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(not in order of preference!)

Your suggestions will swell the list.

  FFC v Man City

billp TOOFIF Site updated Monday, 18 March 2019

Let's hope we see a performance like the Liverpool game but up a notch or three.

Personally, I think Man City are the best team in England again so this one will be another nothing lost, nothing gained sort of game. Hopefully we can at least show some commitment and verve again.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – –

  FFC v Liverpool

billp TOOFIF Site updated Monday, 18 March 2019

As it turned out, we were a tad unfortunate

It's the same old story, overall a creditable performance but still littered with mistakes and some questionable tactics and uneven performances. We're doomed anyway but we need our luck to hold when we are in these games with a chance, sadly this has been absent in just about every outing.

This game will also be shown live on the TV at the Little Windsor, handy if anyone has to work on matchday!

See the LW entry in the TOOFIF Magazine Outlets page for a full match schedule for the month or visit the Little Windsor site

All FFC games, Home and Away are televised live, when possible,

at the Little Windsor, Sutton.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – –

Millwall v FFC Carbao Cup
Everton v FFC
Huddersfield Town v FFC
Liverpool FC v FFC
FFC v Southampton
Manchester City v FFC
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Arsenal v FFC
FFC v Oldham Athletic
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Crystal Palace v FFC
FFC v Manchester United
West Ham United v FFC
Southampton v FFC
FFC v Chelsea
Leicester City v FFC
FFC v Liverpool
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FFC v Brighton and Hove Albion

Reaction to the ghastly season, a chat with Danny Culip, more reaction to the awful results and contributions from our regular army of loyal scribes.

As usual, David Lloyd will be selling the magazine opposite the Hammersmith End turnstiles on home match days and the team of TOOFAgents will, again as usual, be  positioned at various locations outside Craven Cottage along Stevenage Road.

The usual sales outlets will also have the magazine on sale and if you don't already have one, there is a subscription service accessible on the Subscriptions Page.

There is a dedicated page on this site, just as there was on the old one, listing the various places that sell TOOFIF irrespective of match days.

Beam us up Scotty!

So the rather obvious rumour that had been doing the rounds came to pass

Nobody likes to see a good man stuck out on a limb and those of us that have followed the fortunes of the oldest football club in Lodon huddled in corners when Claudio Ranieri's appointment was announced.

"Does he realise just how this club has been run under the current regime?" we muttered. "Has he taken it on board that the recruitment process may not be solely down to him?"

It has to be mentioned that when Claudio's name came up, those of us still in shock at the brutal dispatch of Slavisa saw his appointment as a clever piece of PR by the Fulham Hierachy. Despite his parting of the ways with Leicester, he had a decent record at all his previous clubs and was a likeable character, an ideal choice to pacify the fans in the wake of the sacking of our hero.

The more cynical amongst us worried though, after all he was sacked by Leicester despite having done the seemingly impossible and winning the Premier League Championship with a newly promoted team.

That Leicester acomplished this while playing exciting, creative and Corinthian style football, made Ranieri seem to be perfect match for Fulham after the past two seasons with our enigmatic sacked boss.

Better still, being Italian, he knows all about effective defencive arrangements, something that our cavalier style sometimes abandoned during our last two seasons and had totally abdicated in our early games in the Premier League.

So much for that, the board have realised that this was a failed experiment and at the cost of making themslves look extremely stupid have pulled the plug once again.

I fear for Scotty, that he's set up to be yet another scacrificial lamb in the merry-go-round of professional football!


The League Table used to be on this Home Page

However, it was moved to the Home Page of the Match Review section, where it still resides, as that seemed appropriate once that section grew.

It's back here as now we're heading to the end of our season and the situation is, ahem, a bit desparate, I thought I'd pop it back on here for the remaining games to save the suspense of navigating further through the site.

If only for a moment! Just as it looked promising……!

So what's going to happen now?

billp TOOFIF Sunday, 10 March 2019

Before anything is said about where Fulham Football Club goes from here and by here I am referring to our almost certain relegation to the Championship, I want to make clear that in all my Fulham supporting life, I have never been terribly optimistic about the possibility of success.

Not that I am a doomsayer, just a realist. I didn’t come to Fulham as glory hunter, in fact, when I was first introduced to the club, they were in the second tier, having spent five seasons there, having been relegated from the top flight after 3 seasons. Ok, we did have an England Captain, the most famous chin and beard in football and several internationals in the side, played attractive football at times, we just didn't win a lot!

So, I was exposed to reality right from the start and have never expected much ever since. That’s not to say that those high moments are not enjoyed by me as much as by anybody else, who can forget the Cup Final run and Wembley. The relegations then the upturn masterminded by Chairman Bill Muddyman and Manager Micky Adams or the recent sequence of promotions and the fantastic winning of a major European title, ok the Inter Toto Cup. Then Uncle Woy and a proper major European Final.

To the casual Fulhamite, the recent past has not actually been too shabby. The revival, after too many years of mediocrity and cynical money-grabbing Chairman really took root when Ian Branfoot took over as manager in 1994.

Unloved by Southampton fans after years of yo-yoing, famous for an, ahem, pragmatic approach and long ball fetish, he came to us after we’d been through some particularly wretched seasons in Leagues Division Two and three and Fulham were in the absolute pits by this time.

He was a strong advocate of standing up for the players and this engendered a loyalty which was became major asset and obviously contributed towards our revival

Things didn’t improve that much but the Club became a real football club again. Money was still tight and players had to wash their own kit and eat junk food on away trips but a proper hierarchy and organisation was instigated.

One of the main benefits under IB was that the club acquired players from his days at previous clubs that became very influential and steered our future. Too many to mention but Glenn Cockerill amongst others soon bolstered our playing staff.

Personally, the major consistency during our recent fall from grace, accession, plummet, accession and subsequent current plummet has been the hierarchy at the top of the club; the owner, his appointed staff and the Chief Executive.

What we need is a home-grown Fulham Fan to buy the Club and install like-minded people in the important places, employ a suitable manager and leave him to appoint his back room staff, let him preside over a wide scouting network and only use statistics and such to confirm the targets, not lead the hunt by those means, identify the players he wants and choose the team week in and week out.

That was easy wasn’t it?

The game at Leicester on Saturday was yet another 'Game of Two Halves'. This time we were under the cosh in the first hal and a goal down by the 45 minute mark, deservedly so.

Then, in the second half, sub Floyd Ayite made a great incursion and scored a welcome goal courtesy of a fortuitous deflection, it would have been a goal anyway as Ryan Babel was unmarked in the goalmouth by the time it went in. Joy, and we began to have much more of the game and looked the better side.

There was no doubt, the second halfwas perfromance was so much better from Fulham's point of view but that old last 15 minute juju is always a worry and once again, sadly, so it proved.

Had Mitro's header gone in on the 68th minute, who knows how the result might have finished, as it was, Leicester got their second 10 minutes later and the 86th minute third Leicester goal did for us completely.

billp TOOFIF  Monday, 11 March 2019

billp TOOFIF