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If you want proper match reports you might be better off looking to the specialist media, we can't match the 'experts' when it comes to talking twaddle, romantising cloggers, eulogising ordinary players and generally earning a fortune selling coals to Newcastle. Having said that, there has to be some sort of comment on Fulham games.

Our take on match reflections had to have some TOOFIF reaction to our games though, just not as intensively concentrated on minutae.

These modest little reviews will not be as detailed, as earlier offerings from the old site, just a personal (biased) summary from someone in the fold.

If we are unable to submit a personal review we'll reproduce a piece from somewhere on the net, maybe adding a TOOFIF spin in there somewhere. Though for nostalgic reasons we may feature some of those from games gone by as a bit of interest, these will appear in the Old Match Reviews Page.

League table reproduced by kind permission of

Old Match Reviews

EACH MATCH REPORT has it's own page

Don't despair these pieces won't appear in the tabloid, they'll be factual

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The following links  lead to pages with individual match reviews from TOOFIF


These are duplicates of those on the Home Page but siting them here may make navigation a little more convenient.

Where possible, on each review page,there will be reviews from other media sites just so that our Fulham biased view has a balanced mainstream alternative.

FFC v Crystal Palace
Tottenham Hotspur v FFC
FFC v Burnley
Brighton and Hove Albion v FFC
Manchester City v FFC
FFC v Watford
FFC v Exeter City Carabao Cup
Millwall v FFC Carbao Cup
Everton v FFC
Huddersfield Town v FFC
Liverpool FC v FFC
FFC v Southampton
Chelsea v FFC
FFC v Leicester City
Manchester United v FFC
FFC v West Ham United
Newcastle United v FFC
FFC v Wolverhampton Wanderers
FFC v Huddersfield Town
Arsenal v FFC
Burnley v FFC
The following are under construction
FFC v Tottenham Hotspur
FFC v Brighton and Hove Albion
Crystal Palace v FFC
FFC v Manchester United
West Ham United v FFC
Southampton v FFC
FFC v Chelsea
Leicester City v FFC
FFC v Liverpool
FFC v Manchester City
Watford v FFC
FFC v Everton
AFC Bournemouth v FFC
FFC v Cardiff City
Wolverhampton Wanderers v FFC
FFC v Newcastle United

Please note, The grey links are inactive (Light Brown for cup games), once the pre-amble and stats have been created and added to the non-active pages, the button colour will change to a light green for League fixtures and a darker Brown for Cup games, the page can then be accessed.

Once the game has been played, a review will hopefully be added within 24 hours and the colours will be dark green for the League games and Dark Brown for those in cup tournaments.

The Wembley Play off Final
against Aston Villa
FFC v Arsenal
Cardiff City v FFC
FFC v AFC Bournemouth
Manchester City v FFC




FFC v Oldham Athletic
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