Ok, yes it’s another relaunch, sort of. This time a very modest attempt though. There’ll be some up regular small updates on as daily a basis as is possible stolen from the broader news avenues but tinged with a relevant TOOFIF comment here and there.

Odd really, I’ve been there through thick and thin as a lover of FFC, ok, mostly thin since the year dot but the last few seasons have really tested my whole Fulham Supporting life That said, the second half of last season was a wonderful revelation,

The first months of this season were definitely not confidence inspiring, inconsistent and sometimes disjointed, all the old evils were in plain view but to say that a revelation came about at the end of last year seems even more unbelievable than the previous season’s revival.

For the season to transform, once the restrictions of a non-football phoney’s influence on transfers was finally resolved, was very revealing. It seemed that a veil had been lifted and a new swagger was brought to the surface. Tim Ream became a major part of the defence, the new blood brought in over the January window slotted in brilliantly.

Best of all, the nature of our play almost instantly did the impossible, it was pretty, intelligent, skillful and effective and away fixtures were no longer dreaded, a draw seemed a loss, the last time we experienced these sort of feelings seemed stone age history.

Losing has never put me off, that’s a given or I would probably have given up even before I was old enough to know better. No, first I grew to resent the Premier-led mentality of the way football is served up in the SKY-Years, then the fact that some of those serving the clubs and being paid ridiculous amounts of money to put on the shirt didn’t alway display the sort of commitment that others showed.

That the armchair fan in some far-flung continent is more valuable now to the Money Men running English football, than even a moderately interested attended in person follower at an English stadium, notwithstanding those sufferers who’ve been going to games for years, home, away or both, also stuck in the craw somewhat.

Anyway, rant over, my love for Fulham is undiminished, I might hate what I watch rather a lot  and being an old fogey now I suppose that comes with the territory, but Craven Cottage  has such a strong hold over me that whatever else I’m still here.

So here is a sort of a relaunch of the TOOFIF site for the second time again.


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Be warned This is only a Test!

TOOFIF will be updated in a brand new format in the close season

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When David and I first chatted about a web representation for TOOFIF to supplement the Mag’, I must confess that I was unsure as to how we could really develop it. For starters,

the TOOFIF publication is 100% a labour of love and literally, blood, sweat and tears for Mr Lloyd and with the time, commitment and his own financial input, there was no way we could reproduce each printed magazine in facsimile on the internet.

We hadn’t intended to give match reports or host a message board. That stuff is more than adequately catered for elsewhere, though I did eventually post weekly biased TOOFIF match reports and published those from contributors but this became unbelievably time consuming, another reason I halted work on the site.

Therefore, from now on there will probably be some of those but not a concise report of every game. We’ll just give a brief TOOFIF slant to all things FFC with a highlight on the Cottage which is a burning issue to all of us obviously at the moment.

That’s it really, I’ll update this front page regularly and maybe re-instate some of the pages that we had before, like the Fans’ pics and images supplied from contributors regularly, it’s over to you lot to send stuff in so let me and David know what you want.

Email: dml@toofif.co.uk     billp@toofif.co.uk

Anyway, for now the pages relating to the Cottage are here, pertinent with what is going on at the moment! Just click the links in the heading bar, there is also a page of miscellaneous nonsense, not a lot yet but it will build as we progress with the site, click the TOOFIF Miscellany link to navigate there.

Wow, a return to the type of form that we, perhaps complacently, became accustomed to was shown in spades on Friday night  20 April at the New Den, the team showed that they can withstand a physical team and continue to play an intelligent combination of an entertaining and creative free-flowing passing game as well as the occasional long ball where and when required. It was a most impressive display.

I remain unconvinced that automatic promotion is plausible but as it is mathematically possible time will tell. As I stated last week, we’re guaranteed 4th place at the very worst and will conduct our first Pay-Off leg away from home, unlike last season against the DNR (Dreadfully Negative Reading), now that’s ok by me!

If Cardiff and Villa lose all their remaining games and we win ours so be it, that’ll be a bonus but the pressure is off now and we can enjoy the next two outings!

Not much to add really!



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