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billp TOOFIF Updated Thursday, 13 December 2018

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There's only one F in Fulham the book

is still on sale £33.95 for UK delivery, details on it's dedicated page,


Ashwater Press also have a new  Fulham book out:

Fulham – The Team

It's on sale £32.95 for UK delivery, a link to their site  with details is on the Books page.


An announcement by David Lloyd about the Fanzine

TOOFIF UPDATE: Issue 152 of the fanzine, which should have appeared at the start of the season, remains in the sidings.

Sorry! Ongoing health matters and related stuff have got in the way. Best-case scenario is a new (bumper?) edition early in the new year. However, as things stand, there’s every chance that it’ll be the last-ever TOOFIF; we’ll see.


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